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How do you use Mecca in a sentence?

How do you use Mecca in a sentence?

a place that attracts many visitors.

  1. His Indiana bookstore became a mecca for writers and artists.
  2. He was on his annual pilgrimage to Mecca when he fell ill.
  3. Islam’s most sacred shrine is at Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Florence is a mecca for students of Art History.
  5. The coast is a mecca for tourists.

What is an example of Mecca?

A mecca is a place that attracts people to it. The huge outlet mall near your hometown is a mecca for shoppers and bargain hunters. When it’s capitalized, Mecca is the holiest city for Muslims, the place where Muhammad was born. The original Arabic word is Makkah.

What is the full meaning of Mecca?

Rate it: MECCA. Middle East Cross Central Asia.

How do you use Kaaba in a sentence?

kaaba in a sentence

  1. For many Muslims, the sight of the Kaaba was overwhelming.
  2. Their destination is the Kaaba, Islam’s holiest shrine.
  3. Pilgrims will also circle the Kaaba on Thursday as a farewell.
  4. The Kaaba in Mecca is considered the spiritual center of Islam.

Is Mecca Islamic name?

The name Mecca is primarily a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin that means Islam Spiritual Center.

What does Mecca mean in English?

: a place regarded as a center for a specified group, activity, or interest a mecca for shoppers. Mecca. geographical name. Mec·​ca | / ˈme-kə /

What does Kaaba mean in English?

: a small stone building in the court of the Great Mosque at Mecca that contains a sacred black stone and is the goal of Islamic pilgrimage and the point toward which Muslims turn in praying.

Is the Kaaba the house of Allah?

The Kaaba, meaning “cube” in Arabic, is considered by Muslims to be the house of God; it rests within the Grand Mosque of Mecca. Beginning Wednesday, nearly 1.5 million people will flock to the sacred city in order to pray toward and touch the structure as part of the annual Islamic pilgrimage known as Hajj.

What is the proper meaning of the word Mecca?

1. proper noun Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia, which is the holiest city in Islam because the Prophet Mohammed was born there. If you describe a place as a mecca or Mecca for a particular thing or activity, you mean that many people who are interested in it go there.

What is the population of the holy city of Mecca?

variants: or Arabic Makkah ˈmä-​kə . Definition of Mecca (Entry 2 of 2) holy city in western Saudi Arabia population 1,294,106. Note: Mecca is the chief pilgrimage destination for Muslims and the capital of Hejaz.

Where is the entrance to Mecca in Saudi Arabia?

Aerial view of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Entrance to the city is gained through four gaps in the surrounding mountains. The passes lead from the northeast to Minā, ʿArafāt, and Al-Ṭāʾif; from the northwest to Medina; from the west to Jeddah; and from the south to Yemen. The gaps have also defined the direction of the contemporary expansion of the city.

How many people visit Mecca during the month of pilgrimage?

Most of the people are concentrated in the old city, while densities in the modern residential areas are the lowest in the city. During the month of pilgrimage the city is swollen with one to two million worshippers from other parts of Saudi Arabia and from other Muslim countries.