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How do I call Townsville Australia?

How do I call Townsville Australia?

You need to dial +61 – 7 – (the phone number) for calls from any country from a mobile to a landline phone in Townsville.

What is the area code for Townsville?

The area code for Townsville is 7.

What do Townsville phone numbers start with?

North-east region (07)

  • 07 2 Brisbane, Bribie Island.
  • 07 3 Brisbane, Bribie Island.
  • 07 40 Cairns, Far North Queensland.
  • 07 41 Bundaberg, Kingaroy.
  • 07 42 Cairns.
  • 07 43 Bundaberg, Kingaroy.
  • 07 44 Townsville, North Queensland.
  • 07 45 Toowoomba, Roma, south-west.

What is the dialing code for Queensland Australia?

Area codes

Area code Region State or territory
02 Central East New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory
03 South East Victoria, Tasmania
04 Mobile telephones Australia-wide
07 North East Queensland

How can I call to Australia?

Dialling codes For calls from USA to Australia dial: 00 + 61 + area code + telephone number.

Is Townsville a suburb?

This article is a list of suburbs and settlements that make up the City of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. They are listed relative to their historical local government area from prior to 2008 when City of Townsville and City of Thuringowa were separate local government areas.

What is the international dialing code for Brisbane Australia?

61 is the international code used to dial to Australia. 7 is the local area or city code used to dial to Brisbane. 1234567 is the local number you wrote.

How to find the postcode for Townsville Australia?

Your search for “Townsville” returned 6 result (s). Please select an item from the list below to view details. Browse by suburb. Select a town or suburb to find the postcode. To avoid any delays to your mail or deliveries, make sure you address it with the correct postcode.

Where can I find the Townsville Airport locator?

This airport locator is a very useful tool for travelers to know where is Townsville International Airport located and also provide information like hotels near Townsville International Airport, airlines operating to Townsville International Airport etc… IATA Code and ICAO Code of all airports in Australia.

How big of a city is Townsville, Queensland?

Townsville City is a suburb of Northern, Queensland and is about 1111 kms northwest of QLD’s capital city of Brisbane. In the 2011 Australian census the population of Townsville City was 2,500 when there were 1,082 Females and 1,418 Males living there with a median age of 36. Want to know more about Townsville City ?

What is the dial code for Canberra Australia?

Australia Dial Codes. Australia Phone Code: 61. Canberra Area Code: 2. Canberra Dial Code: +61 2. City. Area Code. Dialing Code. Adelaide. 8.