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How do I call La Paz Bolivia?

How do I call La Paz Bolivia?

Dial the following to call La Paz, Bolivia from United States

  1. 011 – Exit code when making an international call from United States.
  2. 591 – Bolivian country code for inbound calls.
  3. 2 – La Paz city code.
  4. 011 + 591 + 2 + Local Number – International dialing code format.

How do I call a cell phone in Bolivia?

To call Bolivia from United States, dial: 011 – 591 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 011 – 591 – 8 Digit Mobile Number

  1. 011 – Exit code for United States, and is needed for making any international call from United States.
  2. 591 – ISD Code or Country Code of Bolivia.
  3. Area code – There are 3 area codes in Bolivia.

Which country has 591 code?

Telephone numbers in Bolivia, a landlocked country in South America, use the international calling code of +591, and the area codes range from 2–7, depending on the location calling.

How big is the phone code in Bolivia?

Fixed phone numbers in Bolivia are comprised of a single country code (+591), a 1 digit area code, and a 80 digit line code. Making a call with the wrong country, area, or region code can be costly.

How to call Bolivia from the United States?

011 – international access code; dial first when calling abroad from the US or Canada. 591 – Country Code for Bolivia. Phone Number ( remove initial 0) – 8 digits.

What is the population of La Paz Bolivia?

With an estimated 816,044 residents as of 2020, La Paz is the third-most populous city in Bolivia. Its metropolitan area, which is formed by La Paz, El Alto, Achocalla, Viacha, and Mecapaca makes up the second most populous urban area in Bolivia, with a population of 2.0 million, after Santa Cruz de la Sierra with a population of 2.3 million.

Where is the country code 591 in Bolivia?

591 is the country code for Bolivia. Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia. To call a telephone number in Bolivia from Dubai (United Arab Emirates): Dial the international call prefix.