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How did they try to stop the Great Fire of London?

How did they try to stop the Great Fire of London?

There was no fire brigade in London in 1666 so Londoners themselves had to fight the fire, helped by local soldiers. They used buckets of water, water squirts and fire hooks. Equipment was stored in local churches. The best way to stop the fire was to pull down houses with hooks to make gaps or ‘fire breaks’.

What did the mayor do in the Great Fire of London?

The long hot summer and the strong wind allowed the fire to spread rapidly. The Lord Mayor Sir Thomas Bludworth was called. Afraid to order the pulling down of houses to make firebreaks, he ensured his place in the history books by exclaiming that the fire was so weak a ‘woman could piss it out’.

How did the Tower of London survive the Great Fire of London?

The Tower of London Protected from the fire by its large curtain walls, the White Tower was completely untouched by the flames.

How did Charles plan to stop fires spreading in London?

London Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral were both burnt. On Tuesday, King Charles II ordered that houses and shops be pulled down to stop the fire from spreading. By Wednesday, they had the fire under control. But by then, 100,000 people were homeless.

How did the Lord Mayor stop the Great Fire of London?

The Lord Mayor tried to stop the blaze by pulling down houses, but the fire moved too fast. The government stepped in to help tackle the fire. They set up eight bases called fire posts. The fire was successfully held back at St Dunstan-in-the-East, thanks to the efforts of a group of schoolboys.

Who was the Lord Mayor of London in 1666?

The Great Fire of London- 1666. Welcome! The Lord Mayor was one of the people who were involved with creating a plan to stop the fire from continuing. Since the majority of the houses were built from old wood , there was nothing to be done except for tearing the building down.

What was the cause of the Great Fire of London?

In April 1665, Charles had warned the Lord Mayor of London of the danger caused by the narrow streets and overhanging timber houses. Furthermore, a long, hot summer had left London dry and drought had depleted water reserves. Yet the greatest fear among Londoners was not fire.

When did Thomas Bloodworth become Lord Mayor of London?

Fire of London. Detail of the Great Fire of London by an unknown painter. Bloodworth became Lord Mayor of London in November 1665. In the early hours of 2 September 1666, a fire broke out in the house of Thomas Farriner (sometimes spelled Farynor), a baker.