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How big is Europe compared to North America?

How big is Europe compared to North America?

North America | Countries, Regions, & Facts says that the area of North America is 9,355,000 square miles (24,230,000 square km). Europe – Wikipedia says the area of the continent of Europe is 3,930,000 sq mi (10,180,000 km2) Apparently this question first compared Europe to the U.S. and now compares it to North America. I’ll address both.

Which is the largest continent by square miles?

Continents by Area Rank Continent Square Kilometers Square Miles 1 Asia 44,391,162 17,139,445 2 Africa 30,244,049 11,677,239 3 North America 24,247,039 9,361,791 4 South America 17,821,029 6,880,706

How big is Africa compared to other continents?

In area, it spans 11.6 million square miles (30 million square kilometers). 1  Its population is estimated at 1.3 billion. 2  Along with Asia, these two continents are forecast to be the highest areas of world population growth in the coming decades. Africa is home to the longest river in the world, the Nile.

Where does North America rank in terms of population?

North America is where the two lists diverge in their rankings because this continent’s population is not growing as fast as Asia’s. North America is third in area, but it’s fourth on the list in population with 579,024,000 people. North America boasts Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

How big is Australia compared to the contiguous 48 states?

Australia: 2,967,909 Square Miles (7,686,884 Square Km) Australia is about the size of the contiguous 48 states of America.

Which is the smallest continent in the world?

It might be the smallest continent, but Australia is the sixth largest nation in the world. Only about 10 percent of the continent is habitable. The majority of the population, at 24,601.86, live in the urban areas on the coasts. Australia is about the size of the contiguous 48 states of America.