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Does Rex have a love interest?

Does Rex have a love interest?

So, my head canon, as stated above, Rex and Pyra eventually have a romantic relationship and it’s between them and them alone.

Are Rex and NIA in love?

Despite it being clear that Rex doesn’t have any romantic feelings for Nia, some people make Fanfictions of the two falling in love, once Rex got realizes his romantic feelings.

Does Nia have a crush on Rex?

Rex’s romantic feelings for Pyra are as well-developed as his romantic feelings for Nia. That is to say, they’re girls. They don’t spend time together talking about their feelings, they don’t spend time alone.

Is there romance in Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

Nope , the romance is really bad in this game dont expect good one .

Does NIA still get exp as a blade?

Yes, she gets it as bonus exp when she’s a blade. Just use the inn to catch her up as a driver.

Is Nia a blade eater?

Story. Nia resonates with Dromarch Nia was the Blade of the wealthy lord of Echell in Gormott Province, who had a daughter, Nia’s “sister,” who was very frail and sickly. The lord made Nia consume his daughter’s body, and Nia became a Flesh Eater and began addressing the lord as her “father.”

Does Pyra die?

In a way Pyra and Mythra is dead. The core crystals are data storages, when Pyra/Mythra gave Rex her core crystal that probably was her copy right up until that moment. So there are 2 pairs of Pyra and Mythras for a brief moment, but one pair gave up her consciousness (die) in order to save everyone.

Is Rex a blade?

He is a Driver who harnesses the power of a Blade named Pyra, also known as the legendary Aegis. Due to the Aegis’ duality, Rex can drive the other incarnation of the weapon, the Blade Mythra.

Are Shulk and Fiora in love?

The fact Shulk ends up with Fiora (his childhood love) and not Melia (the girl he meets along the journey) feels like a contrived “Mechons and Homs living in harmony” thing. She’s happy for them: she’s a simple girl, really, and is just pleased for her friends.

Should I use core crystals on Rex?

You want a limited team of rares on Rex, just enough to pull through the end of Chapter 7, he gets two additional blades during the main story, so you probably shouldn’t open more Core Crystals on him. Honestly the blades Rex gets during the main story are good enough to make up his entire team.

What is the best blade in xenoblade 2?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: The 10 Best Blades And Who To Equip Them…

  • 3 Kasandra. Equip To: Morag.
  • 4 Electra. Equip To: Morag.
  • 5 Boreas. Equip To: Nia.
  • 6 Ursula. Equip To: Nia.
  • 7 Nim. Equip To: Nia.
  • 8 Roc. Equip To: Rex (or Zeke)
  • 9 Agate. Equip To: Rex.
  • 10 Zenobia. Equip To: Rex.

    Why is Rex not a blade eater?

    Despite being similar in concept to a Blade Eater due to having part of a Core Crystal in his body, Rex is never considered as one.

    Did Amalthus kill the baby?

    Amalthus saved someone, and that someone went on to kill. He killed the baby to free it from the chain of suffering, depravity and pain borne and created.

    What did Malos say to Jin?

    Malos leans in close and whispers in Jin’s ear, “Think you can take me?”