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Are Tech Decks worth anything?

Are Tech Decks worth anything?

Tech decks are worth nothing, if you’re talking about the tiny little plastic things.

How much is a Pro Tech Deck?

Tech Deck, DLX Pro 10-Pack of Collectible Fingerboards, For Skate Lovers Age 6 and up

List Price: $29.99 Details
You Save: $2.19 (7%)

Does Walmart Sell Tech Deck scooters?

Tech Deck Scooters Series 1 District Freestyle Scooter Co 36 – –

What is the rarest Tech Deck?

What is the rarest Tech Deck?

  • 1st Place. Extreme Rarest Tech Deck Maple Skateboard Maple Orange SPECIAL EDITION. Overall Sales Volume. 9.7.
  • 2nd Place. Tech Deck Mini Fingerboards Series 12 Primitive Saved by Skateboarding. 9.6. 9.6.
  • 3rd Place. Tech Deck Tech Deck – 96mm Fingerboards – 4-Pack – Flip. 9.1. 9.1.

“Tech Deck is a very popular brand,” Joe D said. “As far as differences in Tech Decks and fingerboards, fingerboards are made like normal skateboards.

Is Tech Deck discontinued?

Tech Deck – SK8 Skate Shop Bonus Pack (Styles Vary) (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Are Tech Decks discontinued?

Does Tech Deck make Handboards?

If you’ve mastered the art of fingerboarding, Tech Deck has now come out with a handboard. To check out all of Tech Deck’s extreme toys, as well as pictures and video clips of your favorite fingerboard tricks, head to

Can you Tech Deck with 3 fingers?

We will use 3 fingers for this trick – index, middle, and ring finger. Keep the skateboard on the floor and place your index finger at the back of the front screws. Place your middle finger behind the board’s logo. And finally, the ring finger will go at the back of the board.

Who is the best Fingerboarder in the world?

Popular Fingerboarders

  • Mike Schneider. Mike Schneider is a 16 year old best known as the founder of Flatface Fingerboards.
  • Martin Ehrenberger. Martin Ehrenberger is a German fingerboarder who is the creator of BlackRiver Ramps, a company that sells high end Fingerboard ramps and other skatepark features.
  • Taylor Rosenbauer.

    Do they still make Tech Decks?

    Toy fingerboards like Tech Decks are now available as inexpensive novelty toys as well as high-end collectibles, complete with accessories one would find in use with standard-size skateboards.

    How much does it cost to build a deck?

    Labor Cost To Build a Deck The labor cost to build is deck makes up the bulk of the price at between $8 and $22 per square foot depending on the size, materials used, level built on, conditions of the area, and any extra options like built-in seating or stairs.

    How much does TimberTech decking cost per square foot?

    Timbertech Decking – Total Average Cost per square foot: $9.38: $12.40: $14.93: Cost can add up quickly, especially if you’re a novice and have never attempted a Timbertech Decking installation before. I would strongly recommend you hire a licensed and Insured Timbertech Decking contractor to perform the installation for you.

    How much is Trek deck?

    Trex Decking Cost. A typical 24’ x 12’ deck (288 square feet) built with Trex decking will cost between $4,244 and $10,826 for materials and installation.

    How much does it cost to remove a deck?

    Wood preservative – covers 100 to 300 square feet and costs $24–$29 per gallon. Deck Removal Cost. On average, deck removal costs between $5 and $10 per square foot depending on the size and condition of the old deck. If you have a multi-level, built-in seating, or railing, removal prices will increase.